Health Technology Wales (HTW) recently began undertaking social intervention assessments (SIAs) within Wales (UK) to support our public social services. Previously, we had only conducted HTA within healthcare settings. This seminar will: briefly introduce HTW; highlight the three SIAs we’ve conducted to date; describe our SIA topic identification approach; describe the changes in methods and approach required; outline challenges regarding differential status of our national health versus social care guidance; and discuss our current efforts to adapt the HTW annual adoption audit to assess uptake of our guidance within social care settings. The aim is to share our early experience, pose some questions and seek advice and reflections from INSIA colleagues more experienced in SIAs.

Presenter: Susan Myles, Director Health Technology Wales.

Please forward this invitation to other interested.

No registration is required for the webinar.

Join the webinar via this Zoom link https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89972553608?pwd=eFLYCrVuvwrvGJGzqJH2EdfjIHpl32.1


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